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Welcome to evolutionOS

EvolutionOS is a Linux distribution focused on speed and efficiency.

It's designed to be as compact as Alpine, boot as fast as Artix, and run as stable as Debian.

All while sacrificing little to no functionality.


EvolutionOS uses custom handpicked components to ensure the system run as fast as possible. These include switching out the init system for dinit - a modern and robust init system, and using booster, a lightning fast initramfs that boots almost immediatley.


EvolutionOS can use any major desktop environment you want - from GNOME, to KDE, or even our own evolution-desktop (the wm is wayfire). Every single element of evolutionOS can be added or removed using the X Binary Packaging System (xbps). For more info, consult the wiki!

Wide support

EvolutionOS supports many devices! Anything based on the basic x86 architecture (don't sweat, this includes x86_64) can run evolutionOS. The minimum requirements are tiny! For optimal results, I recommend a Intel Pentium 4 or above, at least 512MB of RAM and 2GB of storage space, but this is just an estimate, it may work on much less!

Free and Open Source

EvolutionOS is created by the community, for the community, with the community. Every commit made is available on our Centrifuge page, click the link in the titlebar to see it! Since the code is available under GPL, that means anyone can pick up and make their own fork of evolutionOS!

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